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Behind the Scenes and Live from Battersea, South London. The Glorious Ulorin Vex modeling for Westward Bound at Milkplus Studio. :) x www.westwardbound.com

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Specialists in Desire-Couture.

The Westward Bound brand is a recognised symbol of excellence and a firmly established global presence.

Since foundation in 1992, Westward Bound's market strength has come from the production of high-end, hand-produced English latex garments.

We design, manufacture, distribute and retail the very best in luxurious latex fashion. Our minds are focused on producing the finest prêt-a-porter rubber clothing for a discerning international clientele.

We have created a wide selection of seductive catsuits, slinky dresses, skirts, basques, stockings and thongs, plus much more. Our range comes in 11 sizes with 33 colours plus 33 trim options, enabling us to supply the most versatile collection of latex attire in the world.

Our portfolio is enhanced by including a complimentary selection of boned Burlesque Corsetry.

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